DIY Toothpaste


DIY toothpaste with annotation

It’s part of all of our daily routines, the brushing of teeth.  We brush in the morning, we brush at night.  It’s the best way to remove bacteria, and avoid cavities, gum disease and bad breath.  Have you ever thought about what your toothpaste is made of?  Chances are it contains ingredients like Triclosan, Aspartame or Sachharin, Sorbitol,  Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, FC&D Blue Dye #2, and Fluoride. These ingredients have been given a bad wrap, and for good reason.  Well, sure, you’re not supposed to eat the toothpaste, but why not use a toothpaste without these ingredients?  

There are definitely some natural brands of toothpaste out there without these ingredients, but be ready to pay the price for them.   The best way to stay away from harmful ingredients in is to make your own! Yep. You can do it, and it’s easy! The original recipe for this toothpaste is from one of my favorite DIY ladies, Wellness Mama.

DIY toothpaste ingredients annotated


*5 tablespoons of Calcium powder

*2 tablespoons of baking soda

*3 tablespoons of Xylitol Powder (this keeps the toothpaste from tasting too bitter but isn’t completely necessary if you don’t mind that)

*4-5 tablespoons of coconut oil (or more) to get the consistency you desire.

Optional Ingredients

*1 tablespoon Diatomaceous Earth (optional, you can just use baking soda if you don’t have this ingredient)  Never heard of DE?  It’s definitely worth reading about. (Check The Prairie Homestead  click on it, for more information.) 

*10-20 drops of your favorite essential oils for flavor (peppermint, cinnamon and orange are all good options)


*Mix all powdered ingredients (calcium, baking soda, Xylitol) well in a bowl.  

*Add coconut oil one tablespoon at a time until you get the consistency you like. I ended up using about 5 tablespoons.

*Add any optional ingredients, including essential oils for flavor.  If you are using the Diatomaceous Earth, wear a dust mask since while it’s good for your body, it shouldn’t get in your lungs.

*Store in a small container like a 4 oz. jar (or two). To use, either dip clean brush into jar, use a small popsicle sticks or small spoon to apply to brush, or scoop paste into your mouth first then brush.


*I find it easiest to scoop a little toothpaste right into my mouth first, and then brush. I found that the paste falls off the brush on its way to my mouth if I try putting it on the brush.

*This recipe made enough for two full jars like the one you see in the picture.

*In the ingredients picture, you’ll notice I got a 5 pound bag of DE that may last the rest of my life!  It comes in much smaller sizes.  I actually have done quite a bit of research on the many health benefits of this product and may start using it for much more than just this paste.

*I spit into a used plastic bottle instead of down the drain to avoid the coconut oil messing with the plumbing.  It does become solid at room temperature, so I don’t want to take any chances.  When the bottle is full, I dump the contents into the trash can.

Have you tried a DIY toothpaste of your own? Tried this one? Let me know what you think.