Do It Yourself Beauty

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So, I’ve been dabblin’ in DIY beauty products for a while now and have been an essential oils enthusiasts for quite some time.  I’ve spent lots of time researching the importance of using all natural ingredients on my skin, and I want to make sure my family is using soap and lotion and toothpaste that does not contain harsh or harmful ingredients.  I want anything that touches us to be kind and gentle.  I have recently even become a distributor of Young Living essential oils.  You can read more about those on my essential oils page.

After much trial and error (and error and error) with Do It Yourself beauty product recipes, I have finally found the ones I love, use and will make again and again. It’s been so much fun making the recipes, using the products, deciding they are awesome and even giving them as gifts.  What a great feeling to know I am putting only things with all natural ingredients on my skin! So much fun too, ordering the little bottles, jars and packages to put the products in. I think it’s time I share the terrific recipes with you!

Its’ been so much fun following my favorite bloggers and trying out their tried and true recipes for everything from mascara to deodorizing toilet fizzies. 

Give these a try and see how they work for you!

DIY Soaps