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Here are some great articles to read if you are interested in learning more about essential oils.

A recent newsletter topic is “How to beat the afternoon slump without sugar or caffeine.”  Check out these articles that feature even more ideas for how to get through the day when the mid-day fatigue sets in.

Check out this article for some healthy afternoon snacking ideas to help you avoid “the slump.”

Registered Dietician, Rachel Bradeis suggests healthy afternoon snack options in this article.

This link features a video interview with dietician, Lauren Schmitt, and includes what to eat, and avoid if you want to stay clear-headed.

Check out this article by Kate Bratskier about habits of people who never seem tired.

This Reader’s Digest article highlights 13 ways to beat the afternoon fatigue


These articles from  and WebMD highlight the many benefits of starting the day with a delicious breakfast, the topic of my recent newsletter.

Are you hoping to get more sleep this year?  Check out the three articles below about the importance of sleeping enough for your overall health and meeting your weight loss goals.  (Kevin Loria Business Insider)

This article written by Mark S. Aloia, PH. D. highlights the importance of adding a good night’s sleep to your weight loss program.

This article by Holistic Health Coach, Sam Cannell, explains how alcohol may be ruining your sleep.

Impressive Uses for Coconut Oil

7 Benefits of Exercising Outdoors this winter (Alena Hall)

30 Workouts that take ten minutes or less! 

7 Surprising Signs of an Unhealthy Heart – Many  people experience clues to heart trouble but don’t realize what they mean.  Learn five physical hints that you may need a heart checkup.

5 Tips to Reduce Inflammation – Kris

Spread the Kindness (Catherine Pearson)

Negative Self-Talk: 9 Ways to Silence Your Inner Critic (Jancee Dunn)

Love salad but not the high calorie dressing?  Check out this article from one of my favorite websites, Well+Good, Your healthiest relationship:

Not sure about the right way to peel an avocado?  Check this out..

No time to eat healthy? (Dr. Mark Hyman)

Simplifying Your Life (Matt Frazier)