Essential Rewards


Essential Rewards (ER) is an optional monthly program. When you join, you’ll start accumulating rewards points (10-20% on your qualifying order) for everything you buy, which can be used in exchange for free products on future orders. You can join the ER program anytime and cancel anytime.  You can change products included in your order each month.  You can pick your ship date.  You can manually process your order if your ship date isn’t soon enough!  You get reduced shipping!  What’s not to love?  


Essential Rewards orders must equal 50pv (product value, which is 99% of the time the same as price!) or more per month.  You can only place one ER order per month.  You can skip one month per 12 month period without loss of points.  Be sure to use all your points if you chose to cancel, but why would you?  Over a 12 month period, you’d earn a minimum of 75 points to use towards free products.  If you place consistent orders, ER is a no brainer.  Why would you want to miss out on free stuff and reduced shipping?  

Step 1 – Log in and head to Essential Rewards
Log into your account at
From the Dashboard look for Essential Rewards in the left menu.
Then click Join Now!!!

EO Essential Rewards page


Step 2 – Searching and adding products

Click Add Product
Search by item name, item number or browse through the categories.
Select the quantity.  Once you have selected at least 50 PV Subtotal you can then click Continue.

EO Essential Rewards Summary pic


Step 3 – My Monthly Order Review
Review the items that you had added to your order. You can always edit these by midnight of your processing date.
EO order summary
Step 4 – Delivery Details – Processing Date and Shipping Method
Click Change Processing Date to set the day your order will process each month. The unshaded boxes are available shipment days.  Make sure you pick a shipping method.
EO Change your processing day

Step 5 – Confirm Payment Options
If you saved your payment info when you purchased your kit you should be able to use it here. You can always add a new payment option here as well.

Step 6 – Order Confirmation
It is important that you complete every step EACH TIME YOU UPDATE YOUR ORDER or else your order won’t be save or process.

How to view your Monthly ER Summary
On your Dashboard, click Essential Rewards, then My Monthly Order
You can view your order totals, check your Monthly PV Value, and see what rate you’re earning ER points.
ER points do expire but only if you haven’t used them in 12 months.
You can select Process Today if you want to push your order through and not wait until your processing date. When you first start you earn ER points at a rate of 10% of your order PV. As long as you remain on ER your rate will increase to 15% at 6+ months and 20% after your 12th month.  You can also chose to use your Grace Month at anytime per 12 month period without losing points!

Make sure to check to monthly promos.  If you hit a certain PV, you get a free additional oil JUST for ordering through Essential Rewards!!  Occasionally, you also get an additional 20+ points!