My Favorite Oils

Below are some of my favorite essential oils and their many uses.  Young Living also has some amazing blends that help support all body systems, and I make some of my own recipes too.  Check the “My Roller Bottles” and “Young Living Roller Blends” links.




essentialoils peppermint








*Reduce symptoms associated with heartburn and acid reflux

*Fever reducer (rub several drops on the bottom of the feet/ mix with coconut oil before using on children)

*Inhale or massage on abdomen to relieve nausea, indigestion and diarrhea

*Rub a drop on forehead and neck for headache relief

*Diffuse or place a drop under your nose to promote alertness and concentration

*Inhale to alleviate sinus congestion

*Mix with a carrier oil like coconut or sweet almond for a soothing muscle reliever



essential oils lavendaer








*Apply to soothe the pain of minor burns

*Diffuse, inhale or apply to the bottoms of feet to promote relaxation and restful sleep

*Take internally or diffuse to reduce allergy symptoms

*Rub lavender on dry chapped or irritated skin (mix with a carrier oil for a deep massage)

*Apply a drop on location to relieve cold sore symptoms

*Mix with coconut oil to relieve sunburn pain

*Add drops to coconut oil to relieve itching and rash

*Diffuse to ease tension

*Add to bath with Epsom salt for relaxation



essential oils lemon pic1








*Diffuse or digest while studying to help retain information and uplift mood. This also makes a room smell so delicious!

*Rub on elbows and feet to smooth calluses, corns and bunions

*Drink three drops in a glass of water to relieve heartburn

*Use as a degreaser in cleaning for everything from countertops to pots and pans

*Add to the dishwasher to remove hard water spots

*Use in homemade foaming hand wash (Check the DIY link) for anit-bacterial properties

*Add to your favorite facial cleanser to help remove dead skin cells and create a fresh, clear complexion

*Remove crayon marks from walls

*Great for removing gum from hair or carpet and sticky residue from labels on bottles and jar



Essential oils thieves pic








*Diffuse or rub a drop on the bottom of your feet to relive cold and flu symptoms,

*Add 2-4 drops to water and gargle and apply to throat and back of neck to relieve sore throat

*Diffuse to kill mold and other airborne germs

*Apply directly to teeth or gums to relieve toothache or sore gums

*Put five drops in pedicure tub to kill any bacteria that might be present

*Place a drop on your thumb and apply to the roof of your mouth for headache relief

*Use to clean pet cages creating a cleaner, healthier environment for them

*Add a few drops to your mop or spray bottle when cleaning floors and countertops

*Apply to joints to hasten healing



essential oils frankincense









*Diffuse while meditating for clarity and focus

*Apply on aging skin by mixing with lavender and coconut oil morning and night

*Apply a few drops on cuts and scars to help heal and reduce the appearance

*Take internally in a capsule to boost immunity

*Help soothe children at bedtime by mixing with coconut oil and applying to their feet

*Ease back discomfort by applying directly to the spine

*Diffuse to uplift mood and combat sadness and anxiety

*Apply on temples and wrists to relieve stress

*Apply on neck and throat to soothe irritation and coughing

*Apply a few drops on itchy dry skin to soothe irritation

*Massage into sore joints to ease discomfort

*Rub onto sun spots to aid in fading

*Add a drop to facial acne to promote clear skin


   TEA TREE (Melaleuca)

essentialoils tea tree

*Use it on location for acne issues

*Apply consistently for relief from psoriasis and other skin conditions

*Diffuse to relieve asthma and other breathing conditions

*Soothe discomfort from rashes, bug bites and sunburn (Check my DIY link for bug repellant recipe)

*Mix with apple cider vinegar as a natural household scrub for mold

*Treat ringworm (with its anti-fungal properties)

*Place a drop on a tick to get it to unlatch

*Apply to treat toenail fungus and Athlete’s Foot symptoms

*Add a few drops to a cup of white vinegar to freshen laundry

*Clean bath tile and grout by mixing it with water in a spray bottle

*Swish in the mouth with water to clean and freshen breath (do not swallow mixture)

*Apply on location to treat warts

*Relieve ear aches by applying around the outside of the ear (Do not put oils into the ear)