Why Young Living Essential Oils?

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  A Seed to Seal Promise:  Grades, Quality, and Purity

What are Essential Oils?

Essential Oils are concentrated liquids from plants (“essential” does not mean they are essential in the way oxygen is essential to our existence). In this instance, essential means they are the most perfect quality oil of a plant. The oils are extracted from the plants by careful distillation, extraction, or expression. The oils are then used in perfumes, cosmetics, soaps, food flavoring, scented candles, and household cleaning products.

Historically, EO’s have been used as medicine, and growing in popularity. Claims are being made that essential oils have curative effects. The use of essential oils is referenced throughout history and many believe if used in a proper way, they do have a curative and preventative effect. Aromatherapy has shown to improve brain function and alter moods, and use of essential oils is becoming more and more popular as more experience the therapeutic effects.

The effect of EO’s is generally relative to its level of grade or quality/purity. Young Living’s Seed to Seal Commitment is their promise to Seed, Cultivate, Distill, Test, and Seal all oils with the utmost care and precision, assuring all possible therapeutic constituents stay in tact. The end result is a pure, superior grade essential oil. Young Living adheres to stringent standards every step of the process, with farms around the world growing in the optimal climates on chemical-free land and a state-of-the-art bottling system. They are the only essential oil company that controls every step of the process. With over twenty years experience, Young Living is a leader in the Essential Oils community.

Many competitors and store-bought brands are diluted with solvents that can be harmful, cut so they aren’t as potent, or labeled as one oil when they are really another! Very few have the right constituents to be of therapeutic grade. To make it more confusing, the FDA doesn’t regulate EO’s, so a label claiming 100% pure therapeutic grade means nothing. “100% Pure” lavender that hasn’t been planted, harvested, distilled/extracted, or bottled properly will not have the same smell and therapeutic effect of its superior counterpart. Young Living oils are so pure, they have a vitality line that is safe to ingest!!

Why aren’t essential oils regulated? Any product intended for preventative or curative use must have the backing to prove it. Right? And we aren’t talking about personal experiences of friends and family. The FDA wants big expensive studies to prove the safety and effectiveness of essential oils. Can we blame them? Much like vitamins are not FDA approved as preventative or curative supplements, EO’s fall into a similar category. If you picture a large pharmaceutical company spending millions to test their newest drug, and then picture an Aromatherapist using organic ways to treat symptoms, you may understand why little research is available to prove EO’s are effective. (on a side note, the FDA seems fine with us eating Oreos, diet sodas, and all the other chemicals found in our foods).

Young Living’s Seed to Seal Commitment is key to choosing Essential Oils that are right for my family and me.