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Essentialoils starter kit no LD

 If you are as excited as I was about trying essential oils, you might be feeling overwhelmed now that you’re thinking about ordering.  There is so much to learn, and so much to love! First of all, give yourself some love for getting to this step, and rest assured that I will help you with any of your ordering questions.

Before you purchase, think about whether you would like to create a a free membership which will mean 24% off retail prices. A retail account simply means you’ll pay retail prices. 

Once you decide which option is right for you, click the link below to order!

So, what’s the difference?



Membership has its perks! For starters, only members can purchase the highly discounted and amazingly useful Premium Starter Kits! Each Premium Starter Kit is hugely discounted by almost $100 from retail prices!!  To become a member, you must purchase a Premium Starter Kit, but you won’t be sorry you did. The Premium Starter Kit gives you just what you need to really delve into the world of essential oils and understand how amazing the products really are!

To become a member, you’ll need to enter some info about yourself, but  Young Living’s website is safe and secure. If you’d prefer, you can call to order as well. Members get wholesale pricing (which is 24% off). Members are never required to sell or distribute.

There is no minimum purchase requirement or monthly order requirement. However, if you don’t place in order of $50 or more after 12 months, your membership will expire.



If you ‘re not ready to commit to a membership but still want to give some products a try, this option is for you. Sign up and order what you’d like. You will pay a little more. 9 out of 10 retail customers usually switch from retail accounts to memberships within the first few months.  You decide what’s right for you!


When ordering by telephone 800-371-3515, you will be asked for a sponsor number. Here it is: 3915913

To order online, click the link below and follow the directions:

Stacy Boop 3915913

Step 1: After opening the link above, choose either “Member” (wholesale) or “Retail Customer.” The sponsor and enroller numbers should already be pre-loaded. If not, enter the corresponding number above for both sponsor and enroller.

Step 2: If ordering the Everyday Essential Oils Kit with Diffuser, you will find it under the “Popular Premium Kits” tab. A DewDrop is included, but you can scroll to the right and pick any diffuser you choose by clicking on it. Prices will change based on your diffuser of choice. If ordering the Thieves or NingXia Starter Kits, they are located under the “Other Premium Kits” tab.

Step 3: Automatic Monthly Delivery. Unless you want an automatic shipment each month, skip this step! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SELECT AN ESSENTIAL REWARDS KIT. Just click “no, thank you!” I can explain this later should you want to make regular routine orders, but for now, it is NOT necessary and NOT a requirement of membership.

Step 4: Before continuing to the NEXT page, determine if you will be adding any products in addition to your Premium Starter Kit. If so, click “Add Additional Products” at the bottom right. It’s located under the NEXT button. Add products, then click next step. If you aren’t adding anything additional, click NEXT.

Step 5: Fill out all the information. If you chose the membership option, you will be asked to enter your Social Security#. This is for tax purposes only, so that Young Living can report your income if you choose to sign other people up for kits. There is never an obligation to do so.  (Select ‘individual’ at the tax information section to enter your SS# unless doing this under a business name and tax ID).

Not comfortable with this for any reason? Simply call 800-371-3515 to order.

Step 6: Check out and wait with baited breath for your oils to arrive!

Need Help?  Email me at safboop@hotmail.com and I’ll get back to you a.s.a.p.