Welcome! About me…


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Hey there, I’m Stacy!

I’m so glad you’re here!  I am a wife, mother, teacher, runner, plant-based whole foods dieter, Holistic Health Coach, Personal Trainer, essential oils fanatic and lover of Do-It-Yourself health and beauty products (and experimenting with them until I get them just right). I am a Young Living essential oils distributor too!  Learn more about that on the Essential Oils link.  

My mission is to help others on their journey toward optimal health.  I hope to help folks understand the importance of healthy eating (and how to eat healthy) and support them as they strive to lose weight and incorporate regular exercise into their daily lives.  As my client I will assist you in setting goals, and I’ll support you on your weight loss and exercise journey.  All the while, we’ll work together to create balance in all aspects of life including work, relationships and spirituality.

IMG_20131230_153830_988-1I have been a middle school teacher in Bucks County, PA for many years. It is meaningful work that I love and feel privileged to do.  I met my husband, Russ, also a teacher, through the district where we work. Marrying him was the smartest thing I’ve ever done.  He’s an amazing, supportive, kind, loving man and an incredible father. We are celebrating 20 years together this November. I struck gold when I married Russ:)

Our first son, RJ, was born in 1997 and his brother, Zach, came along in 1998.  The joy they’ve brought to our lives is immeasurable and continues every day. Our parenthood journey has been paved with smiles and laughter, and we are truly, truly blessed.  The boys are baseball fanatics, like their dad.  RJ is in his sophomore year studying engineering and playing baseball at Penn State, Harrisburg. Zach plays for his high school team  (Shout out to the Neshaminy Redskins!), and he will be playing at Lehigh University after he graduates this year. Go Mountain Hawks! God Bless ‘Em!   


Since 2007, I have run 11 marathons. The running bug bit me after a colleague asked me to run the four mile leg of a marathon relay team in Philadelphia (Thank you,  Anne Schmidt!).

IMG_20140330_124938_600The energy surrounding that event was infectious, and I was hooked.  After that, I participated in many local 5Ks, joined the local running club (Yaa! Bucks County Road Runners!), and the rest is history.  The 5ks led to the 10K (Revolutionary Run) which led to the 10 miler (Broad Street) which eventually led to a half marathon (Caesar Rodney), then, as would be the natural order of things, the full marathon!


 The first marathon I ran was The Philadelphia Marathon.  It is a race I love and have run seven times.  The mantra going through my mind during the last mile of that first marathon was…“Just finish this, but never again, just finish this, but never again.”  Funny how that feeling didn’t last.  In 2009 I ran the Pocono Mountain Run for Red Marathon where I qualified for Boston!  In 2010, I ran The Boston Marathon.  It was an unforgettable experience! I have qualified to run it again four times, and I hope to actually get back there once more.

Many heartfelt discussions about health and happiness and plenty of recipe swapping took place on the trails while training for races (Love to my dear friend, Cara!).


For years, I have been exercising regularly in addition to my running. From 2009-2015, I worked out at VMS, an awesome gym owned and operated by Vaughn Hebron.   Vaughn’s workouts have helped me to get (and stay) in the best shape of my life and have made me a better runner.  Love VMS!  Due to schedule changes and my work with clients, I currently workout at Orange Theory Fitness, and I love that place too.  The treadmill workouts are great speed work mixed in with the weight training, which is great for my running. I am a certified personal trainer myself and love helping others meet fitness goals and realize the benefits of exercise.



The whole foods, plant based diet came along after I realized how much energy being a full time teacher, mother of two growing boys and a marathon runner required! I searched for a way to increase my energy level during the day, especially mid-afternoon when I found myself longing for a nap.  What I found was that cutting out meat and dairy and adding more fresh fruits and vegetables gave me that energy I was missing. I start each day with a delicious green juice, and the difference it has made in my energy level is remarkable.


So, for years, I have been eating well, running, exercising regularly, learning about the wonders and healing properties of essential oils and working on balancing all the things that matter in life.  Through the years, I’ve spent many hours doing research on nutrition and dietary theories. I began my plant-based diet because I needed energy; I keep up my diet not only because of how good I feel, but also because of what I’ve learned about the treatment of animals and  what the livestock industry is doing to our environment.

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I am continuing to cultivate my passion for health and wellness, which is what has led me to my enrollment in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Training Program, my own health coaching practice, personal trainer certification and this blog/website.  I have been encouraged to pursue this venture by many supportive family members, friends and colleagues.

Please let me know how I might be able to help you and please make suggestions about things you’d like to know more about.

Be well!