Try a 50 a Day Push-Up Challenge!

Happy June, Friends!
Summer is upon us and what better time to get serious about push-ups? Try the 50 a Day Summer Challenge!

Do you think every morning, "I just can't wait to do push-ups?  Do you go to bed at night and think, "Boy, I wish I was able to do a few more push-ups today!"?  Or, do push-ups give you nightmare-ish flashbacks to high school gym class? Perhaps you're somewhere in between.

Well, while fitness fads come and go, some types of exercise transcend trends.  One of those is the push-up, which uses your own body weight along with gravity to tone and condition muscles.  Some fitness experts have called the push-up the closest thing there is to the perfect exercise. And for good reason.

Among the reasons the push-up has endured are it's cheap, its easy,  it doesn't require any equipment and it works so many parts of the body at once. You get a lot of bang for your Push-Up buck!

Push-ups are a compound exercise. You'll not only work your chest, but you'll also feel the burn in your shoulders, triceps, and your entire core. You can even work push-ups into a quick high-intensity routine for calorie burning if weight loss is your goal. So, with just one simple exercise, you'll work several different muscle groups and you can continue to increase the difficulty of the push up as you get stronger. Start the push-ups with your knees on the ground. As you get stronger, use your feet for support. As you get stronger, try a Spider Man push up or a plank reach.

Here are some more reasons to start doing push-ups...

Push- ups Build Strength.  Everywhere (see above!).

Push-ups Boost Metabolism. Because you’re making everything work, you are pushing your body toward total physical exertion. That might hurt a little, but it also forces your heart to work harder. This will boost your metabolic rate so you burn more calories.

Push-ups Make You Feel and Look Good!. Doing push-ups regularly (50 a day for 30 days), will build significant upper body strength with minimal investment of time. (Those 50 do not all have to be done at once. Don't be silly!)

Push-ups are Excuse Free. Sorry, no excuses for not doing your push-ups.  No expensive equipment is needed. No gym. No trainer, No special skill required. You can't blame the rain, snow or heat. Unless you've got a wrist or shoulder injury, you're pretty much out of luck when it comes to looking for a way out of it.

Although there are many variations on the push-up, the basic idea remains the same: Engage your upper back, shoulders, and arms to lift your body weight off the floor, then slowly lower it back down. It's also important to keep a straight line from your head down to your ankles when you're in the lifted position. Don't let your chest actually touch the floor when you come down. No droopy chest! Your chest should come within 2 to 3 inches of the floor. Put a textbook, a sneaker, a rolled-up sock underneath you, and when you touch it, it's time to go back up. The correct movement for the perfect push-up, is smooth, with no swaying of the hips as you go up and down.

So, how about making a commitment to yourself to work up to 30-50 push-ups a day this summer? You can do a set of push-ups in no time! Start with six to ten in the morning, then do six or ten more after dinner and try six or ten more during a commercial while you're watching your favorite show. Finish the day with one final set before you hop into bed. You can do it! Find a friend to do the push-ups with you!

Join my 50 A Day Summer Push-Up Challenge.  Commit to it! You can do it! Contact me to let me know how you're doing and how you're feeling.

You got this!
Be well!

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