Get Ready for the Fall Season!

Attention High School Female Athletes! 

Take advantage of the August Exercise Special.



Improve your strength, speed and agility out on the field this season!

Gather some friends and contact me.

Eight 40-minute High Intensity Interval Training workouts for just $55.00

If there are ten or more in your group, the price drops to just $50.00 each!

Your group selects the time that works best.  Workouts will be held in Core Creek or Tyler Park.

What are High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Workouts?

HIIT workouts are workouts that alternate between quick, intense activity and fixed rest periods.  Studies suggest that HIIT is much more effective than traditional cardio activities for burning fat and increasing both aerobic and anaerobic endurance (Sean Bartram, 2015).  Alternating between bursts of high output cardio and resistance based strength exercises keeps your body from adapting to the workload like you might in a traditional cardio workout. You will burn more fat in less time, and you can workout anywhere.  No gym needed!

HIIT workouts get your metabolism revved up, and even after you are finished exercising, you will continue to burn calories!  HIIT workouts build strength, agility, muscle definition and improve your health.  The HIIT routines I plan include a blend of bodyweight resistance, plyometrics (jumping exercises) and unilateral exercises.  You give it everything you've got for thirty seconds, then rest for ten and repeat for several sets of different exercises.  Without overloading a particular muscle group, I plan my HIIT workout to stimulate as many muscles as possible. Mixing up the exercises allows you to improve your athletic performance and your balance. Get the edge on your competition!

HIIT workouts are not easy! It takes a lot of determination to stick with it and maintain the effort you need to complete the exercises. You can do it!  

What will you be doing when your competition is training? This, one of my favorite quotes from Tim Tebow, sums it up just right; he said, "Somewhere he is out there training when I am not, and when we meet, he will win."

Contact me for details by at 215-630-5886. What's stopping you?

I look forward to pushing you to become the best athlete you can be!





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